A New Era for South Campus Center

The Capital South Campus Center on Warren Street, where one of the Lincoln Towers once stood, will henceforth be managed by Capital Region BOCES instead of Trinity Alliance, the South End’s legendary social welfare agency.
Albany Housing Authority supplied the building, pays the utilities and ensures that various organizations come together in the space, with a concentration on South End community activities

Housing Authority Executive Director Steve Longo has said that he made the decision to shift management to BOCES with the help of a community advisory board and added that BOCES, the nonprofit governmental agency that provides adult education classes to earn a high school diploma and job training for new careers as well as assistance to school-aged children in the Capital Region is already offering new literacy programs and English as a second language classes in the Capital South Campus Center.

“This is only going to grow and multiply as BOCES brings their resources and partners into the building,” Longo recently told the Times Union.”

The 17,500-square-foot facility has classrooms, science and computer labs, early intervention counseling, day care and other amenities. Workforce training and college-readiness classes, long key components to the center, are being augmented by more classes geared to preparing South End residents for further education as well as jobs.

“There are lots and lots of reasons that people who are living in economic poverty have experienced delays or interruptions in their career pursuits,” Trinity Alliance CEO Harris Oberlander said in the same Times Union story while noting how his organization would be returning to its original mission of case management and crisis intervention. “Those factors are important to address because you need to dig into the complexity of people’s lives and be able to offer solutions and ladders and help them find their footing.”

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