Vacant Lot Projects

The Vacant Lot Project (VLP) began in 2009 in response to the overwhelming amount of vacant lots in the South End neighborhood of Albany, New York. Since 2009, the City of Albany has implemented the Vacant Lot Stabilization Program in order to address vacant city-owned property.  Working together, this has resulted in a total of four VLPs, with two on city-owned lots and two on privately-owned lots.

The lots used for the VLP were selected based on their location and visibility within the South End, as well our ability to contact and get approval from lot owners. Setting up a proposal process, we asked local individuals and groups to come up with their own vision. By  providing alternative uses for the lots and partnering with community members, groups, and other stakeholders, we hope to foster a lasting sense of pride and investment in the neighborhood and, most importantly, to empower South End residents in the creative reshaping of their urban landscape.

The Vacant Lot Project ended in Summer 2013 with the completion of the Catherine Street Playground.

A history of the Vacant Lot Project can still be found at their website and there are many photos of their projects and messages from neighbors at their Facebook page.

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