A big THANK YOU to Our Volunteers from SUNY-Albany!

It's National Volunteer Week, and we want to thank all our wonderful volunteers.
Especially our three Community Service volunteers from SUNY Albany.

This has been a year of great transformation here at Grand Street Community Arts! We thank all of our volunteers for believing in our mission and making our transformation possible! We are a volunteer organization which depends on the service of dozens of people through the year. Some come for a work party and only help for one day. Others take on repairing a part of the building and return over many months. And some, like our passionate WCAA Station Manager, take on volunteer projects that take years of tireless effort to accomplish!

This Volunteer Week, we want to thank our three Community Service Volunteers from SUNY Albany, who have been working with us week after week this year. They are all graduating soon and we wish them the best of luck in the world! Nanchin, Clarissa, Christy, THANK YOU!!!!


Nanchin Kesman at Jan Galligan's show.

Nanchin Kesman (right) at the 75Grand Enterprises exhibition under Albany Center Gallery.

Nanchin Kesman is a Biology major… she is also an actress, photographer and video editor! Nanchin has been helping with social media promotions and with general publicity for WCAA and events. Thank you, Nanchin for Final Cut, Photoshop, new followers and more!

Christy Victor is a History major, who is interested in archives! Christy is our Archivist intern and is working to produce an Event History providing an overview of the past 12 years of our activities.

“I don’t know what my future holds, but I know that it will be helping people,”  says Christy. She is off to Paris to study abroad this summer and then will be back in Albany, her new home. Thank you, Christy,  for helping us see where we’ve been, so we can chart where we’re going!

Clarissa Schmidt is a Journalism major, who is putting her classroom learning into practice here at GSCA. She has been working on social media marketing and press outreach. “Volunteering with Grand Street Community Arts has given me a lot of experience in social media marketing that I will definitely take on with me for years to come. I have met wonderful people, expanded my horizons and learned many things about the city of Albany,”  says Clarissa. Thank you, Clarissa,  for getting out the Press Releases right on time! We never could have pulled off that amazing “Alternative Albany Open House” without you! It was a breath of fresh air and a high-point of the year so far!


Clarissa Schmidt (selfie)



Our SUNY Interns are only with us until May 9th. If you are interested in interning for us this summer, visit here. Or, if you would like to volunteer for a specific project, check out our page at Volunteer Match.

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