Building Update September 2015

Basement 9-25-2015

The basement of St. Anthony’s is CLEAN! If you have been down there anytime in the past ten years, you know that we’ve had an excellent horror film set in our old church basement. No more! Thanks to three work parties in August and September and the dedicated efforts of Barbara Spring, Larry & Ellen Becker, and a half-dozen other volunteers, the entire basement has been completely cleared out and power-washed.

If you are wondering “Why is GSCA working on the basement when the building is still closed?” we have two answers. First, and  immediately, is heat.  We need to get our heating system installed in order to reopen the building: the junk and construction debris in the basement were interfering with that installation. Secondly, we hope to begin working with TAP this January to design and build usable programming space in the basement. We envision multi-use performance/classroom/activity space as well as a commercial kitchen and a recording studio for WCAA. The actual use of the space will be determined through a series of public workshops. Stay tuned for more announcements about our Basement Conversion project.

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