After three years of being closed for building repairs, we are excited to say that Grand Street Community Arts is open and ready to serve our city!

Grand Street Community Arts Inc (GSCA) is a non-profit organization nestled in downtown Albany in the center of a community erupting with promise and potential. The mission of GSCA in centered around  enhancing our community through the Arts.  Our vision is to create opportunities for individuals to explore and display their unique artistic gifts and talents. We will also work to provide opportunities for education in our community, (particularly for the youth) in the skill areas and professions related to the Arts.



Grand Street Community Arts

Winter Newsletter


Highlights of 2017…


GSCA is excited to announce that we successfully launched our radio station in February! Being on the air with 107.3 FM WCAA will allow local artists, youth, activists and neighbors to have a voice in Albany. WCAA will serve as a platform for the community to perform, entertain, become involved in the arts, inform the public and encourage personal growth. Please tune in to the station and consider becoming a part of the WCAA community!

For more information please contact us at:


GSCA received our Certificate of Occupancy in September and is ecstatic to be open to serve our community again! We have utilized funds from last years fundraising efforts to complete several necessary projects in order to get us to this point. This is a tremendous success not only for us but also more importantly for the community. This significant milestone would not have been possible without the skilled labor of the Empowered Construction Workers Association Local 102. EWCA Local 102 began completing work on St. Anthony’s while simultaneously training local residents in various construction trades. We are extremely grateful to EWCA Local 102 for their efforts and expertise! With the building open we are now available to serve and meet the needs of our community. If you are interested in renting the space at GSCA please contact us at:


In August GSCA hosted the city’s Mayoral Debate. Candidates came to discuss and share their political views on various topics. This was a great way to re-open the doors while allowing the community a chance to be informed about our city and it’s future.


In October we hosted the annual Grass Roots Radio Conference at GSCA. The conference, which lasted 3 days, was a tremendous opportunity to network with other community radio stations from a variety of locations while obtaining invaluable knowledge. We were grateful to be able to learn from others in the field while introducing WCAA and our mission. We even had music & live performances!

This is only a brief ‘snap shot’ of our progress in 2017 none of which would have been possible without your support! We have big plans for 2018. Our emphasis will be on continuing to expand our radio, building our community programming and continuing to restore the building! We hope that you will continue to support us in our vision to restore St. Anthony’s as a center for community and arts!





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