Grand Street Community Arts Inc (GSCA) is a non-profit organization nestled in downtown Albany in the center of a community erupting with promise and potential. The mission of GSCA in centered around  enhancing our community through the Arts, where people can learn about different arts such as painting or murale design with information you can find online.  Our vision is to create opportunities for individuals to explore and display their unique artistic gifts and talents. We will also work to provide opportunities for education in our community, (particularly for the youth) in the skill areas and professions related to the Arts.

Grand Street Community Arts Newsletter



My name is Ta-Sean C. Murdock and I am a resident of the City of Albany. It is such an honor and a pleasure to be addressing you the community as the new Interim Executive Director of Grand Street Community Arts. I grew up here in the City of Albany and truly believe that Albany has a vast amount of potential and opportunities for all who live within this great city

I am so excited and humbled to have this great opportunity to improve and enhance Grand Street Community Arts, Inc. (GSCA) and WCAA-LP 107.3 along with other programs and activities taking place via GSCA. I truly believe in the mission of GSCA and encourage and welcome all to join us as we embark on a great endeavor to make positive change here in the City of Albany through the arts such as dance, music, poetry and so much more.

My attraction to GSCA was the opportunity to lead this organization as the Interim Executive Director to new heights of success. As I take my position as the Interim Executive Director I will be working to improve the operational and program strategies by creating a strategic plan to ensure our organization and its programs are running efficiently and effectively. GSCA will also be working diligently to rebrand and rebuild community relationships. We recognize that true change only comes with the trust of the community and I am excited to be working with all in our community to inspire positive change.

Over the next several months I would love to meet with you and your organization to discuss potential collaboration and partnership opportunities. In my new role I am excited to see all the great things happening within your organization and how we can work together to make change within our communities. Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions or comments at 518-423-0092 or

With Gratitude,

Ta-Sean C. Murdock, Interim Executive Director


GSCA is excited to announce that we successfully launched our radio station in February! Being on the air with 107.3 FM WCAA will allow local artists, youth, activists and neighbors to have a voice in Albany. WCAA will serve as a platform for the community to perform, entertain, become involved in the arts, inform the public and encourage personal growth. Please tune in to the station and consider becoming a part of the WCAA community!

For more information please contact us at:


GSCA received our Certificate of Occupancy in September and is ecstatic to be open to serve our community again! We have utilized funds from last years fundraising efforts to complete several necessary projects in order to get us to this point. This is a tremendous success not only for us but also more importantly for the community. This significant milestone would not have been possible without the skilled labor of the Empowered Construction Workers Association Local 102. EWCA Local 102 began completing work on St. Anthony’s while simultaneously training local residents in various construction trades. We are extremely grateful to EWCA Local 102 for their efforts and expertise! With the building open we are now available to serve and meet the needs of our community. If you are interested in renting the space at GSCA please contact us at:

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