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Grand Street Community Arts (GSCA) is the owner and custodian of the former St. Anthony’s Church at the corner of Grand St. and Madison Ave. in Albany, NY. GSCA purchased the building from the Diocese of Albany in 2003. We have been slowly and continuously been making improvements over the past 12 years.

What have we done so far?

From 2004 – 2007, we repaired the 100 year old slate roof, fixed masonry problems, reconnected water, sewer, electrical and natural gas service, put in two working bathrooms and installed key safety features… and we fixed the church bell!

In 2009, GSCA finished two heated rooms for year-round office and program space and moved a permanent office there. In 2013, volunteers from the Mansion Neighborhood beautifully restored the massive Rose Window in the west wall.. In 2014 and 2015, we raised funds to install a heating system for the entire building.

GSCA is currently installing that heating system; and we are working with TAP, Inc in Troy, NY to design new program space in our basement, and with dedicated volunteers to reopen the upstairs Sanctuary space.

Grand Street Community Arts needs your help to complete necessary repairs and reopen our doors this year, so using door installation companies could be really good for this. Please give to #SaveStAnthonys. If you would like to find out more about our building and our work to renovate it, please provide your name and address below and we will send you our Support the Building Fund brochure.

Thank you!

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St. Anthonys Exterior

An idealized view of old St. Anthony’s Church in Albany, NY. March 18. 2016.
Photo by T.R. Laz.

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