We’re going to do it. We need your help.

GSCA has been making great progress this year.
But we must reach our goal of $27,000 this summer to keep up the progress in the second half of the year.

Raised $2,860 towards the $27,000 target.

It has been an amazing Year of Transformation. We welcomed a new Board President, Michael Banks, and Treasurer, Benjamin Clark in January, and welcomed four new board members last month. With support from the Albany Housing Authority, we moved into temporary quarters at Lincoln Square this spring. Larry Becker has brought in several new members to our Building Committee who have been making steady progress on the punchlist .  Our radio station, WCAA has started meeting regularly at St. Anthony’s and is setting up an air studio and production room in the building, which they will occupy for the next two years until the basement renovations are completed.

But, our building remains closed and we do not have building rental revenue to yet to support our work. We need your support. Please donate today.

Help us move this thermometer to $27,000! Your donation will support our architecture project, WCAA, staffing, and building renovations.

Grand Street Community Arts preliminary design. Proposal Board 1. June 14, 2016. Troy Architecture Project.

Grand Street Community Arts preliminary design. Proposal Board 1. June 14, 2016. Troy Architecture Project.

Our architecture project to design new programming space in the basement of St. Anthony’s has been made possible by a $23,000 grant from the New York State Council on the Arts, This grant requires a 50% match, which we must raise by December 31, 2016. We need to raise $9500 this summer to provide the next installment of our matching funds, as well as cover $4500 of architecture project expenses already incurred, which are not covered by the NYSCA grant.


The clock is ticking on our architecture project, and it is also ticking for WCAA-Community, Art, and Activism! Our current construction permit is valid until February 2017, and we want to get the antenna up once and for all before winter comes. We need $8500 for the full hardware cost for the transmitter and antenna.


We have a small army of volunteers who have been helping after work, and on Wednesdays and Saturdays to complete the repairs at St. Anthony’s to re-open the building. Their labor is a gift, and we are extremely grateful to them. But, we need to keep them supplied with plaster, joint compound, sheetrock, plywood and paint. It all adds up, and we require $3000 for material costs for continued repairs.


None of the progress of our Year of Transformation would be possible without having a full-time Executive Director and expert contractors. We need $6000 to cover our personnel costs between July and December, to keep up the progress and to create additional jobs in the coming year.

Our goal for this campaign is $27,000, which is truly the minimum necessary funds for the 2nd half of 2016. If you believe in our mission to renovate and revitalize St. Anthony’s as a hub for community, arts, and culture, then please support us at this time.

Will you help us to reach, and surpass, these goals this month?

jan Galligan - August 1999

“How about a few good ideas for using the church on Grand Street?” Scribbles from Jan Galligan. August 1998

Our building has been closed for nearly four years, but we are still here! Holding on to the ideals that gave birth to this organization, tempered by lessons from our experiences over the past decade and a half, and enlightened by the partners and friends that we have met along the way.

This isn’t a gamble—it’s an investment in the future of Albany. Please support Grand Street Community Arts today. Now is the time.

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