If you can't donate money, but can donate things, we've got a wishlist!
Donations greater than $25 in value will receive a Donation Receipt for tax-deduction purposes.



We have received two desktop computers… Thank you!

We still need one more desktop computer to use for streaming. It should have since 2012, have at least 4GB of built-in memory, 500GB hard-drive, and a processor above 2Ghz speed. PC Preferred (We will install Debian.)

We will also accept

  • flat-panel monitors in working condition
  • VGA cable and/or DVI cable (URGENT)
  • keyboards & mice (including for old style serial port)
  • Assorted AC adapters
  • thumb-drives and other flash-media
  • microSD cards
  • hard-drives, 250GB and up, with or without hard-drive enclosures
  • hard-drive docking stations.
  • PC laptops and Android tablet computers
  • long runs (50′ or more) of CAT5 or CAT6 ethernet cable

Audio & Recording Equipment:

  • Portable Flash Media recorders (XOOM etc)
  • Snakes and Cables
    • 1/4″ short coupler cables
    • USB-to-XLR mic cables
    • Any XLR
  • Adapters (RCA-XLR-1/4″-1/8″)
  • 12v AC Adapters (various amperages)
  • Mics!
    • Large diaphragm condenser
    • Handheld vocal mics
    • Shure, Sony, Octava, Blue
      AKG and no name, too!
      And everything else and in between!


Sound Proofing:

  • Roxul Rockboard
  • Foam Sound Insulation Wedges
  • Eggcrate Foam
  • Felt (bolts and squares)
  • Rugs


Our volunteers have spent a  lot of time over the past three years just moving ladders around, or erecting and dismantling scaffold. We’ve all dream of a Rolling Plasterers Scaffold Tower (12′).

We’ve got a lot of sheetrocking to do. We need sheetrock. And more sheetrock.
(And of course the plaster and the mud.)

Do you have a bucket of screws sitting in your basement? We’ll take them!




We always need stamps!

We accept Forever stamps, and also accept old stamps of assorted value. 

So, if you’ve got a box of old $.03 and $.05 stamps in your desk drawer, send drop them in the mail to 68 Grand Street and we’ll add them up and send you a receipt!

We always need 9″x12″ manila envelopes, and #10 white envelopes.




(Updated May 1 2016)