Building Updates

Grand Street Community Arts is a Work in Progress!

An update as of February 2018

In November 2014, St. Anthony’s was completely closed for all operations besides construction, but as of September 2017, Grand Street Community Arts regained our certificate of occupancy! Our building is now open to serve the community again! 


Work Completed August 2017 – January 31, 2018:

Plaster repair and Painting. The removing and repairing all loose-plaster on the main floor sanctuary level was completed, and the entire sanctuary level, including our magnificent twenty-five-foot-high ceiling was beautifully repainted.

Flooring. Damaged flooring on the main sanctuary level was replace and repaired and the floor was sanded and refinished.

Heating system. Gas lines were run and electrical work was performed to power the previously purchased gas-powered forced-air heating furnaces. In addition, extensive ductwork was purchased, assembled and installed to provide heat to the main sanctuary-level performance area. This is the first operating heating system in St. Anthony’s Church for well over three decades!


Recent previous work completed:

Electrical upgrades were made to with a complete rewiring of the Choir Loft area and adjacent Second Floor Room. Also, new floor outlets were added to the stage area to eliminate the need for extension cords for performing artists, and all exit signs and related lighting were completely replaced.

An efficient new forced-air heating system was designed and purchased following the Indiegogo campaign of 2013.

Basement clean-up. With help from volunteers, the GSCA basement, itself a wonderful, almost 5,000 square foot space, has begun to be transformed with power-washing, cleaning, and painting in preparation for the installation of our new heating system.

Philadelphia Drains. The roof storm-water drains are still in need of replacement since GSCA acquired the building. They are now sufficiently functional to avoid damage to the building, but their full repair is required. However, the related north-facing copper roof flashing which forms an integral part of the Philadelphia drains system, was repaired by supporter Marty Beckman and his crew.

Dropped Ceilings and ceiling repairs: A fifty-foot length of damaged ceiling on the north side of the sanctuary performance space was removed, repaired and sheet-rocked, and a twenty-foot long dropped ceiling was constructed on the south side of the sanctuary performance space.

Community Radio Station: An FCC low-powered FM community radio station studio was built and furnished with radio broadcasting equipment, as well as a fully functioning tower and antennas, and received it’s official broadcasting license from the FCC in February 2017. In addition, GSCA and its station (WCAA-LP 103.3), hosted the annual international Grassroots Radio Conference using GSCA’s sanctuary level performance space, as well as accommodations provided by The Free School in Albany, New York.