Building Updates

Our Arts Center, old St. Anthony’s Church, is a work in progress

An update as of Oct 1, 2015

Since November 2014, St. Anthony’s is completely closed for all operations besides construction.

Grand Street Community Arts is operating from our Winter Office at 148 Central Avenue.


Grand Street Community Arts must complete the following minimum necessary work to repair the building and re-open it for use by the community:
remove and repairing the Rose Window and West wall masonry [Completed!]
repairing the North wall roof drains and copper roof [See below]
addressing moisture damage in the basement [In Progress]
removing, repairing or enclosing all loose-plaster
installing a year-round heating system for the Sanctuary [In Progress]
& general electrical upgrades [Completed!]

Work completed in August-September 2015:

General Electrical Upgrades

The electrical upgrades have been made to make WCAA a reality with a complete rewiring of the Choir Loft area and adjacent Second Floor Room. Also, we have added new floor outlets to the stage area to eliminate the need for extension cords for performing artists, and completely replaced all exit signs and related lighting.

Year Round Heat

An efficient new forced-air heating and A/C system was designed and purchased following the IndieGogo campaign of 2013. Grimes Atmospherics has pledged to donate installation, which was repeatedly delayed this year due to problems with the roof drain. Installation of the heating system is scheduled to take place this October 2015.

Cleaning Basement

With help from volunteers, the GSCA basement, itself a wonderful space, has begun to be transformed with power-washing and cleaning in preparation for the installation of our new heating system, the first operating heating system in St. Anthony’s for over a quarter century!

Work completed in June – December 2014:


The roof stormwater drains (“Philadelphia Drains”) have been in need of replacement since GSCA acquired the building. They are now fully functional for the first time in decades thanks to an in-kind donation of service from Margination in Troy! The roof drain repair was a saga unfolding through the summer, with surprises in every pipe! Repair or replacement was really, really finished in October 2014. The copper roof was repaired by neighbor and board member, Larry Becker, working with supporter Marty Beckman and his crew.

PS (Summer 2015):

The roof portion of the repair is complete. But the connections between the drains to the city sewer system failed in Winter 2014-15, due to ice and other blockages. This is a larger problem, the solution to which will cost far more than the funds raised for building repairs in 2014.


Since 2011, rainwater and spring melt has been leaking into the basement due to the faulty stormwater  drains. Moldy plaster and sheetrock were removed by volunteer work parties in the Winter of 2013 and Summer of 2014. An anti-mold “fogger” was deployed after the initial and final stormdrain repairs. There are remaining moisture issue in the west of the basement, under Grand Street, that we are working to resolve.


Water damaged and loose plaster have been removed from the roof above the office  area during the Fall 2014 Monday Clean-Up  outreach effort. That area will all be enclosed by sheetrock. This job is on hold until after the heating system is installed.

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