Announcing Our June Fundraising Campaign!

Grand Street Community Arts announces our June Fundraising Campaign bringing the first year of our Revitalization Campaign to a close:

We have three goals for this campaign.

1. We Will Raise $25,000!
Last fall, we moved into our Revitalization Campaign with a goal of $45,000 to make essential building repairs before winter. We had an outpouring of love, and in-kind donations, but reached less than half of our cash target. In order to repair our roof, floor and heating system, we still need to raise $16,000! These funds will provide labor, equipment rentals and material for these essential repairs. In addition to funds for our building repairs, we are raising $4000 for building operations and $5000 is to go towards our summer programs, YO! and YouthFX!

2. We will recover our memories and reconnect with old friends and supporters!
As part of our Revitalization Campaign, we have brought in several new board members and made many new friends. We also need to reconnect with our old friends, and that is a central part of our June Fundraising Campaign. We are having a phone-a-thon campaign and we are calling, not only to ask you for financial support at this time, but also to have a conversation with you, to learn your visions for St. Anthony’s Church and your experience with GSCA.

If you might like to have a conversation in person, or might want to help in this outreach effort, we are seeking volunteers for our telephone campaign.

Most importantly….
3. We will open our doors again!
Our Revitalization Campaign is a 3-year project, and we are laying the groundwork now for serious renovations and improvements to the building. But the doors of the building should not be shut to all programs and activities. We are having this fundraiser so that we can again make our unique sanctuary space available for art exhitions, concerts, community meetings and ceremonies.

We can only do this with your support! Please help this month to save this essential institution!

“It is often been said that arts and culture are what make a city fall in love with itself, but it is important to note that they are also essential part of a city’s identity. When an organization like Grand Street Community Arts can motivate and connect people together, that can be the start of transformational change for an area.”  Georgette Steffens, Executive Director, Downtown Albany Business Improvement District (BID)

“These days, leaders throughout the country have been looking to Theaster Gates in Chicago and Rick Lowe in Houston for models of how cities can leverage the arts to reinvigorate communities. Gabrielle Becker and Bhawin Suchak and everyone at Grand Street Community Arts have been doing that work right here in Albany for 10 years now, using art not as a means of papering over differences or ushering in displacement but to celebrate difference and unite the community.”- Alexis Bhagat, Development Director, GSCA

“GSCA enables artistic accessibility to every child, adult, and senior who hungers to replenish that which goes missing in their soul… We can usher in an Albany Renaissance!” – Edwards Grimes-Carrion, Executive Director, GSCA


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