84-92 Catherine Street

Urban meadow, park and education site

Sharon Hoffman and Julia Vonder Reith of the Capital District Permaculture Guild are creating an urban meadow and park space for South End residents. The urban meadow will utilize phytoremediation, a process by which plants absorb soil contaminants, eventually rendering the soil safe enough to grow fruits and vegetables. The park portion of the lots will include native plant beds, paths, benches and sculpture (to be created by Albany High School students).  The site will also house a compost pile and water catchment structure, aiding in the sustainability of the site.


Siena Bonners & Community Day of Service Event | August 30, 2010

This was a great event in which the Siena College Bonners came for a day of service. They worked on our lot as well as the Youth Organics garden right around the corner on 3rd Avenue and South Hawk Street.

You can view more pictures of the event here.

Community Cleanup Event | June 26, 2010

For our first cleanup event, we had a great turnout of volunteers to help clear the lot of all the trash and debris.  People from the neighborhood, Permaculture Guild, Grand Street Community Arts, AVillage, Harriet Gibbons Schools and others came together to make this a successful work event.  Thank you!

You can view more pictures of the event here.

Harriet Gibbons School Educational Event | June 24, 2010

Students from the Harriet Gibbons School came to the lots to learn about phytoremediation, conduct soil testing, and make seed balls* for future plantings. In the fall, the students will continue to monitor the soil for contaminants and will also be creating sculptures to be displayed in the park portion.

*Seed balls are created out of seeds, compost, and clay — the ball protects the seeds until enough rain falls to break through the mixture to allow the seeds to germinate.

You can view more pictures of the event here.